How do I file a claim?

You have several ways to file a claim: using this website, downloading Warranty Service app for iphone and Android or calling the toll free number on your protection plan certificate that is usually provided with the cleaning kit.


What do I need to file a claim?

Information from your sales receipt and details about the stain or damage. You also need to take picture of the affected item and stained area.

If I move from my current address, is my Protection Plan or Warranty voided?

No. Your Warranty is valid from the date of delivery regardless of your address. Please refer to your Protection Plan or Warranty Certificate for important details.

What happens if the store no longer carries the style of furniture I purchased?

You will receive credit for the purchase price of the item authorized for replacement which will allow you to reselect a different style of equal or lesser value.

How can I get a copy of my warranty certificate?

You can view terms and conditions online or ask our call center representative to send you a copy via email


How long before a technician contacts me after I file a claim?

A service technician will contact you within five to seven business days from the date of your claim.

I have a matching set and I am approved for a replacement on one piece however it is discontinued, does my warranty cover matching pieces?

No, matching pieces are generally not covered; however, you may have preferred coverage.  Please review your protection plan certificate for coverage details.

What if I need to cancel my protection plan?

In the event you would like to cancel your policy, please contact the retailer of your purchase.  The retailer will provide you a refund per the Cancellation provision of the policy you purchased.


My original store of purchase closed, does that void my warranty?

No. Please review your protection plan certificate for coverage details.

Does my warranty transfer to the replacement item?

No, once a replacement of an item is fulfilled your coverage is completed for that item.

I have pets and I am afraid they will damage my furniture, will my protection plan cover damages caused by my pets?

Some protection plan will cover pet damage. Please refer to the tersms and condition of the protection plan you purchased to verify if a pet damage is part of your coverage.

I was approved for a full replacement of my furniture; however, the damage is not too obvious and I would like to keep my furniture. What is the process?

Please call the number listed on your warranty certificate to hear about your options.

I did not use my warranty protection plan during the time it was valid.  The store informed me that I would qualify for a refund of the warranty price. What is the process to obtain a refund?

Please call the number listed on your protection plan certificate for details

What are the Warranty Service hours of operation?

For your convenience, our call center is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Please call us at the toll free number located on your warranty certificate.

When should I report my damage or stain to Warranty Service Center?

Please review your warranty certificate for coverage details.

What if I want to have my furniture professionally cleaned?

Please contact us and one of our specialists will be delighted to assist you in locating an authorized service technician in your area. Please call us toll free at the number located on your warranty certificate.

How do I get advice on how to use the products I received with my purchase?

Please review the instruction that came with your products. We also have cleaning instructions videos

I can't find the receipt for my sofa that has this coverage. It was registered when I bought the sofa. What should I do?

Nothing,  you were pre-registered, we have your contact data and merchandise data in our system.

I received a not covered letter how do I dispute the decision?

Please email

Can I renew my protection plan?

Unfortunately we are unable to extend the life of your protection plan.

Can I transfer my warranty to someone else.

Unfortunately your warranty is not transferable.

How long is my full replacement credit valid?

Please review the replacement authorization letter for the allowed time-frame.

Where do I find my reference number?

Click here  for examples of where to look for your reference or sales receipt.
Can I check the status of my claim online?
Certainly! You can check your claim status on Plans & Claims.
When should I report my damage or stain to Warranty Service?
Warranty Service wants to resolve your problem in a timely manner. The sooner you contact the Warranty Service Center, the more success you will have in resolving your problem. Your Limited Product Warranty certificate will provide you coverage details as well as the timeframe in which to report each occurrence.